Natural Taste
from the Dairy Farm


Drink local. Stay healthy. Go green


Here at Aldhurst Farm we want to bring Milk back to the kitchen table like it used to be. With the possibility of the layer of cream on the top of the bottle. Not messed about with like supermarket milk apart from the essential pasteurisation process that lets us sell it to the door.

You can purchase our milk here on the farm from our little mini shop, from many local shops and now delivered direct to your doorstep. Whether it be regular orders or just a one off occasion please feel free to contact us by email or give either John or Paula a call.

We are a Red Tractor Assured Food Standard farm which confirms our practices and welfare are to the highest levels.

We have been a family run farm for many years but have set upon this new venture to return to bringing our milk back to the locals without having to travel many miles to be bottled.

We have been selling our raw milk for a while now which can only be sold from the farm gate but have now ventured into the realms of pasteurised milk. It is not homogenised so the rich creamy top still appears.

Our History

We are a family run farm in semi-rural Surrey with Aldhurst Farm having been farmed by the Dale family since 1826.

Our cows graze on our lovely hilly fields during the summer and as late into the autumn as possible on the thick heavy clay that we are on and our fed home-grown forage throughout the winter.

Our Dairy Team

Drink local. Stay healthy. Go green


John has been farming Aldhurst Farm now for thirty years having done his Degree in Agriculture at Berkshire College of Agriculture many years ago. He thrives on work that running the farm brings but loves to sit at the top of the hill and watch his girls enjoying the thick lush grass in the summer.

He also has a passion for military vehicles and these can be seen dotted around the farm in various guises, as well as running the Capel Military Show in July each year, where does he find the time.


Paula has only been working on the farm for four years but has been with John for the thirty years he has been running the farm and has always been seen to muck in in various ways, be it driving a tractor and muck spreader or plough, quad bike to get the cows in or being a gate when required.

She also can be seen pottering around with her horses when she has time!